Ralph Waldo Emerson & Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I have two poets which are beautiful to me; speak to me of a life I wish all people know who live in cities worldwide. I think the village people move along as before more than we do. I am trying not to envy them, truly.

Mr. Emerson was an essayist and a poet. Both types of his writing will be here along with past and any future poetry work of Mr. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow which I accomplish. Mr. Longfellow to my scant knowledge wasn’t as much of an essayist. I will give some of my artwork here, for this little distinction for this particular blog which will also contain my poetry, simpler as it is.

Excuse me, do you just think me a stupid woman who frittered my life away at home surrounding Austin, Texas? Go to hell. I just broke the curse of male dominance again and I have seen the Lord.

You want to argue, save it for him.


I will no longer read poetry to the public on any of my work. Read with me. Put up a blog. Give us what jumped out at you and then keep reading.

Meet your own soul for of a truth, you aren’t going to find yourself on the Internet. You can give back to help us all as I am doing, but you aren’t going to find yourself here or in educational texts. Everything is meant to make us feel way more ignorant than our true selves are.

Think. Read. Get outside. Kick the guilt like I am doing. Come home for a hug.

No sexuality here. No rivalry. No competition bull shit. We are we. Welcome to paradise complete.

7:33 AMC I’m all for taking communion IF… #caracoffey

My blogs are alarmingly cohesive. The reason I state this sentence as I prop my left ankle (swelling) up is that the very idea I thought about last night, and just shared here this morning; is Rudolph Steiner in THE PHILOSOPHY OF FREEDOM chapter four, to a TEE.

I have been saying it, even in YouTube, this way: if you are an atheist, I love you your way……and my point is you need the metaphysical side to your intellect. You really do.

Now to those of us who are metaphysically very active, I have this to say: both Rudolph Steiner and Ralph Waldo Emerson declined mentally in their later years. Fredrick Nietzsche adored Emerson and was insane clinically. He literally kept Emerson’s essays in his pocket.

This societal…….war has battles each author must face entirely for our lives, and some of us do not get heard until years and years later.

This is 2023 for crying out loud. We must, we must, we must balance ourselves and keep moving in this intellectual freedom in my personal opinion. It is imperative to keep thinking together, and to art it, to live it, to mentor it and above all else to stop giving so much that we die mentally before our body does it physically.

I forgive Fredrick Nietzsche. He got into trouble because he hated women on the earth. We know, if he is a live human physical force, that he does not do that now. So I forgive him. I will tell you all that I sense he is not. He is an animal, and it is likely wolf.

I do not think he had children. That is a literal Goddess Send: Raised by Wolves U2 Single.

Mama, choose Joy. Infuse our children with love of boy, love of girl. Teach our children to love themselves from the inside out. It is a process. It is a journey. It is understanding free will holistically. Amen.

**for King and Country: joy, Single

May We Consider Autumn?

I have contemplated for years how Autumn is my favorite season, and now, I am with Poets Supreme in Heaven understanding exactly why I felt this way, feel this way, and will feel this way.

Here is my artwork, two poets who came forth acceidently in my art, and my own little poem set among the GIANTS OF WISDOM RALPH WALDO EMERSON AND HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW.




SHEISTORY is needing my defining because it is my idea, my word.

It is all the history NOT in the books. It is when people love one another anyway, even when we want to quit.

It makes no sense until it does. That’s SHEISTORY.

There is too much hiddenness in this world. There was too much hiddenness in my life—by other people. I had to let go of it all and start over.

This artwork is a nice little celebration. But how my intellect was devoured is something I am recuperating from, and the going is too slow for my comfort at this time.

But it is what was given to me to endure. I want to do it better for the rest of this year, I’m just not quite sure how.

Loving myself seems to be on the To Do List for this entire year. I know it is more blessed to give, and I’ve lived that way many a time to get through depressing circumstances, and it helped.

This season is different. That’s all I know. Loving Myself needs to come first for a bit, and it may be selfish. But there is a time and place to be selfish and I’m there for a bit. I want to lavish forgiveness on myself and others.

My Tense Jawline is not #TGIF

Here is some artwork I began the past week. Some of it is finished. Some of it I am frustrated with but finished it and put it on blogs. And some of it is drying for next week.

I actually slowed down enough today to realize yet again that my jaw is tight because of relationship issues I am thinking about.

I use the feature image to help me loosen my jaw in times of stress. It keeps me remembering to breathe deeper, sit up straight using my abdomen muscles, and smile more. The tension release is palpable.

Small steps to the moon, so to speak, after shedding so much cultish living, is the way for me.

I learned by experiencing it last week that if I paint through emotional pain, it is a very healing endeavor. It slows my mind down worrying about this, that, and people.

I have had cysts on my face, as I went through menopause. Some of that is stress related, or all of it is stress related. I was finished with it about two years ago, but occasionally, it happens again. That is what happened this week on my right side.

I promised myself about eight years ago that I would stay home and relax when the cysts were present. I didn’t do it because I couldn’t.

I hope my sharing my factual healing journey will encourage someone on their journey towards wholeness.

I do not like this piece. I am not allowing myself that negative emotion. I can stand outside myself and see some beauty, some sadness, some wishing within me that my relationships were more positive all around.
I enjoyed this piece very much. I am enjoying that art book as well, and so I have decided to make two more. One of them is private. One of them is for the series, Hank the Cowdog by John Erickson. I am recreating the poem in the next piece. You will see that work below.
This looks like a beast of some sort but it will not look that way once the poem is pasted on top. I must do a lot of chalk work and then seal it before the next step, and below I have the first half of the poem. It isn’t finished and I may use Crayola or Prismacolor pencils to add deco.
This is freshly prepared peppermint/lemon balm tea, warm….from my herbs coming back in my front yard. I hydrate with this mix and appreciate the nutrition and cleansing power.

If I were being strict, which I am not nor can I be because of cultish living behaviors from my past which I have dealt with not only in myself but in many other people, I would drink one of this to any cups of coffee no matter how large or small.